Hypothesis of "Two Quantity Universe"


A - Collection of Fragments of My Ideas and Visions for Hypothesis

c 01 The God My Vision
c 02 Internet Discussion of the God and Evolution
c 03 The Scientific Proofs of the Gods Inherency + My Commentary
c 04 Darwins Evolutionary Theory
c 05 Drama of Evolution
c - 06 - Dialogue about me, or about the God - Cihelkov Dana
c 07 Defence of Evolutionary Theories
c 08 Does DNA Give Proof of the Gods Existence or Are We Developed from Monkies?
c 09 Exceptions of the Creationists ( One Theorem )
c 10 The God Would Be Uneconomical
c 11 The Anthropic Principle
c 12 The Anthropic Principle alias the Cosmical God
c 13 Mr. Kozacik Peter Dialogue about the God
c 14 Mrs. Leporska Marie RNDr. About the God and My Idea

Under reconstruction

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