K - Denouncement of Czech Intelligentsia Behaviour

K 01 – Attitude of Ministry of Informatics to Independent Access on Discussion Forums
K 02 – Mr. Petrasek Values My Hypothesis + My Reaction
K 03 – Denouncement of Czech Freedom of Speech
K 04 - Position against Sceptic ( Causion Bicak) ….14.03.2006
K 05 – Selected from Science World – Demonstration of Czech Intelligentsia Culture
K 06 – Behaviour of the Czech Scientists
K 07 – Mr. Hala’s Doctrine in the year 2000 and 2006 (He Is Convinced That Here Is No Reason for Apology–There Isn’t What Smooth Over)
K 08 – How Do Ministry of Informatics Resolve Freedom of Speech?
K 09 – Help On Petrasek, He Demands Apology after Redaction of Journal of 21st Century
K 10 - Help On Petrasek, He Demands Apology after Redaction of Journal of 21st Century and Me after Him
K 11 – Prof. Ing. Vladimir Kucera, DrSc.Dr.h.c. Wrote to Me
K 12 - Transcripts Registry Terms for Free Thinkings on High University (Aldebaran)
K 13 – Bad People Pirated My Password and Changed My Title W.W.W Page
K 14 – Redactor of Journal World of Science Breaks Human Rights
K 15 – The Louts Put On the Appearance of Friends
K 16 – Czech Country Is Thick Idiots
K 17 – The Louts Shove On - on Mageo – 06.06.2006
K 18 – Cataloguing of Beasts in Bohemia ( 2005)
K 19 – Selected from Science World – Culture in Czech Dialogues
K 20 – Reasons for Award of Gander Censorship on Science World
K 21 – The Sludge, Actually Intelligentsia in Czech Country
K 22 – There Began High Disputation on Mr. Petrasek WWW Pages as Reaction to His Paper

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