What Does Hypothesis about Two – Quantity Universe Offer for Disscuss and Consideration


The Big Bang was – according to physicists  beginning – origin of universe. My opinion is different. Big Bang is not explosion but it is interface of two estates – estate before Big Bang and estate after Big Bang – everything on the succession of estates of symmetry and dissymmetry alternation. For your better understanding  I would have to write too much comments. In the simplified way – imagine for example equation. The equation ( if it is physical equation) is symmetry of estates à left weigh scale is exactly on the same level like right scale.
   But symmetry and dissymmetry – then  balances of estates – are alternating in the universe. Such that universe – it is some chaotic and also organized estates alternation when something is in the balance and something in imbalance ( ! ) Physics ( by means of mathematics as the main instrument ) solves equations. But I declare that equations of estates stand good only locally in the universe and that physics atteds to ‚ „inequations“ of estates insufficiently. Physics knows about inequations but it  doesn’t connect them to chain of events with some universe law ever. The physicists say that ‚ „symmetry is disturbed“ but they don’t explain  „why“. I think that there must be in validity some not yet unexplored law about symmetry and asymmetry alternation in our universe. Otherwise no evolution of universe is possible. In the case of law of symmetry validity in this universe nothing would evolute nothing would moved nothing would be changed. And the Big Bang? It was just one of these initial changes from symmetrical estate into unsymmetrical one. So that – the Big Bang wasn’t explosion but  „manifestation of the law about change of estate“ à It was realized change of estate from previous estate to estate afterwards. Such that I’m coming now to the question - what was before that Big Bang?
   And that is next my „invention“. I suppose that even matter – mass is „constructed – realized“ from the same space-time thus from its quantities „Length“ and  „Time“. It looks like a fantastic absurdity, doesn’t it? – – But I will try to clear up it at least philosophically for you better understanding . First about Pre- Big-Bang situation. Space-time before Big-Bang was in perfect balance. It means it was unflared and  „unitary“. There wasn’t any mass in it , no time ran, no expansion of the space was. I suppose this space-time near before Big-Bang was already in the estate 3 + 3 dimensional. I will expain it : Physical quantity „Length“ has got three dimensions and we comprehend them as spatial axes “x“ ; “y“ ; “z“  from school teaching. The quantity is named Length and possibly one of the dimension is named in the same way as length-x, second one as a width-z and the third one as a sagitta. This is coming just from historical reasons. We can write – mark – name it soever in another way for example dimensions from quantity Length as x(1) ; x(2) ; x(3). This is named by people as the „space“. But I suppose that even quantity Time has got its dimensions and that they are more than just number 1. Probably as many as dimension the space has. So that  t(1); t(2) ; t(3) .....This is named as the three dimensional time by myself and we have now  3+3 dimensional space-time.
Though my lady, are you surprised where  those three time dimensions are when we observe just one time around us ?
It’s like this. When you will move to the right then in accordance with first length dimension – axis x, so rate of time running will be the same as when you will move forward, along axis y. The same rate of time running, cutting intervals on time dimension, will be the same when you will move along length axis – z , then upwards. You – the mass point during your migration in the length space by the all courses will always feel the same ticking, the same intervals of time ( on the three time dimensions). And this is  „there’s the rub“.We still haven’t discovered or found three components of  „time“ because we are still observing and perceving the same time running during our motion anywhere. Why haven’t we still „discovered“ it ? Have a look at this problem by means of this following demonstration à Picture a cube ( as a representative of the three spatial axes). And now you can choose anywhrere inside of cube - space one point as P. Connect this point P with the origin i.e. with one of eight vertexes of cube. Such abscissa is a vector. ( You can do arrow at the end of abscissa in the point P. Now you can make up three perpendiculars on each of six walls of cube that are coming through point P then x(1) ; x(2) ; x(3). These six components x(1)a x(1)b x(2)a x(2)b x(3)a and x(3)b will be generally differently big -long.. However you can take this cube in your hand an start to index or turn it as long as ( point P is staying with no motion in view of observer) all six components will be equally long. It’s not so much difficult try it.
And exactly this is that situation with „three dimensional time“ ( here on the planet Earth and its location within  our universe). That system of cordinates of the axes – „cube from time“ t(1) ; t(2) ; t(3) is  angled or turned in such a way that t(1) = t(2) = t(3) à therefore we perceive pace or rate of time unwinding in the same way into all of the three spatial dimensions all the time. Even maybe there is a little bit different pace of time unwinding in some of spatial dimensions but up to now nobody has it measured. And in addition here is following handicap: people on the Earth perceive length abscissae – intervals 10 power of ten more slightly than  „equivalent“ abscissae- ticking – intervals of the time ( it is then more difficult for measurement) .... because speed of light is c = 3 . 108 m / 100 sec. and because universe setted – determined unit ratio as c = 1/1 ( and human then as c = 3 . 108 m / 100 sec. )
Now I can come back to reading about situation before Big Bang. There is dominancy of 3 +3 spatio-temporal dimensions there then „space“ x(1) = x(2) = x(3) = 1 ............... and  „three-dimensional time“ t(1) = t(2) = t(3) = 1.. No mass no matter is in such universe, no time is unwinding there and there is no expansion of universe – space there. In such situation of universe- time space ratio of length intervals on time intervals is unitary c = 1m* / 1 sec , then  c3  = 13 / 13  ( our  „meter“ – unitary interval has to be rewrittten on cosmic one first , then 1m* = 2,9979244 . 108 m ). Nobody knows what magnitude that unit is and therefore it’s possible to write even as 1/1 = 0/0 = infinitude / infinitude. By this I’m answering your question how big the universe is then first how big it is before Big Bang. How big it is after „Big Bang“ I will say in a few moments. And on a sudden universe put across its law about alternation of symmetry  with asymmetry and line of division – Big Bang was realized in this way. And this is the moment – line of division – interface -  in which  „time has started up“ ( and expansion of the universe and construction of mass structures – realization of matter have set off as well from this moment but not from anything....... I will talk about it in a few moments ).
Thus : What’s way of correct comprehension of the term  „time startup“? Explanation : If TIME is physical quantity with three dimensions before Big Bang then  t(1) ; t(2) ; t(3), afterwards you can choose any random abscissa on one of these three time dimensions. This abscissa – time interval or time ticking will be unitary providing that ....on the supposition that .....on the ground that ....itself universe will allot complementary unitary interval of that second quantity towards first one. Simply told :After choosing of time interval – time tick on time dimension there must be the same interval of length dimension chosen so that c = 1/1. Other ratio of intervals is ununitary. And this has happened after Big Bang. Speed of light c is changed / metamorphosed into v   v < c .... v = x(v)/ t(v)  <  x(c)/ t(c) = c .... it means that speed v will come providing that when a) numerator is decreasing to zero and denominator is without change b) numerator is without change and denominator is increasing c) numerator is decreasing to zero and at the same time even denominator is increasing. And how or by means of what is speed of light c changing into speed v ? I’m saying in that plain space-time 3+3 dimensional is
„bent / curved“ ........ it is bent or curved into various and different states and forms. Those basic torsions at the beginning of succession after Big Bang are – of course – dominant for physics because they are physical fields. These physical fields – gravitational field, electromagnetic field, strong and weak nuclear interaction, the Higgs’es field and virtual particles etc. are „local curved space-times“ and  they are expressed and manifested as the MASS onto level of microcosm. So that there will start „curvature and undulating“ of 3+3 dimensional space-time in the universe after the Big Bang and then even reality of  „the v speeds“ less than speed of light.
In the event of   „circumflexion or deformation of time“ coming as reality of non-unitary ratio of both of quantities intervals - so such way the time  „unwinding“ is realized. Non-unitary ratio of both of quantities intervals is just projection of curved time space into plain screen. I will explain : effluxion – ticking – running of time is realized as physical reality after the Big Bang because
„material / immaterial“ point is slipping – travelling along length and even time „dimension“ and thereby cutting those intervals. Time just as is perceived by us is „cutting“ of intervals with shifting of point – observer along dimension. It was not possible to observe shifting of point before Big Bang because there was  only unitary intervals producing there.Only after Big Bang ratio of non-unitary intervals is realizing - arising still till now and therefore v as speed less than speed of light is realized as well and in that way new perception à efflux of time is being arised ..... intervals in denominator are shorter than intervals in numerator.
Such that : Effluxion of time has been starting up since moment of Big Bang  then it is videlicet „non-unitary intervals cutting“ on time dimension. But that’s not all. There is next phenomenon in Big Bang moment. The matter has originated in Big Bang as well but not from nothing.( ! ). After Big Bang space-time was „curving – undulating“ but just some of curvatures ( a few of mathematical cases ) survived  in previous position as space-time - though curved ...... the next additional curving of space-time led to matter – especially to the substance. You know already that it is necessary to keep just three elemental particles for construction of the matter – substance i.e.  proton neutron and electron.
( Everything around you on the substance base is composed just from these three particles - up to the DNA and proteins molecules ). I suppose that if space-time was beginning to curve or twist itself then universe could continue with this process of twisting on the quantum scales in the sense of the next additional multiple curvatures . I suppose that this universe produces even next addidional time and length dimensions on the quantum scales by next additional curving of space-time. It means that mass elements are wave – agglomerations with local character and magnitude and that next more amount of dimensions are secreted in them. More than 3+3. Thus : All according to 3+3 principle ( three time and three length dimensions ) is still as space-time and everything conteining more than 3+3 dimensions exists as matter – substance. Thus – There are next and next dimensions of the quantity length and time compacted and curved in the substance.
Big Bang and then originating of universe is not explosion but change of estate only. ( from previous to the next one ). Then succession of alternation of changes is coming on. Alternation of changes of symmetrical estates with asymmetrical ones ( of estates of curved space-time). Unwinding – effluxion of time  was started up after Big Bang in that space-time was being curved and in that point was being migrated along dimensions. If this point exists on the mass base – then on principle of wave-agglomeration which is from time and length local dimensions composed – then this point is moving through universe inside of curved space-time with the v – speed less than speed of light. It means that mass point slips through the universe not only along length dimension but also along time dimension. It is cutting on both of dimensions intervals.Trajectory of movement – displacement of mass point in universe is succession of vectors. We can project each of vectors into three dimensions coming from both of basic quantities – lenght and time. Into dimensions of length there will be three components
x, y, z -  as three spatial coordinates - axes and into dimensions of time there will be three components
t(1) ; t(2) ; t(3) – as three time coordinates which are projected into three time axes.
It is interesting now and I don’t know any explanation yet for the folloving problem at this moment .If we have that cube and mass point in it, then system of coordinates ( the cube) is fixed but mass point is moving . Magnitudes of the components of all of three spatial axes are still changed. But if we have the cube composed from three time axes then situation is somehow inverse. In this situation the same mass point is moving too but  as though it is in the fixed position whereas system of coordinates is moving instead. The cube from three time dimensions is rotated – turned towards observer in that way , so that all of three time dimensions could stay in the same magnitude all the time. That is why we observe rate of ticking, unwinding of time identical in all of three spatial coordinates.Thus -  In the case of the „time cube“ we are not able to recognize existence of the three time dimensions because coordinate system of the time cube is still turning . Therefore we don’t  perceive any changes of time intervals on three time dimensions during mass point motion . In the case of the mass point length motion through universe situation is inverse.Screen of spatial axes is fixed and spatial trajectory is generated by mass point movement. The spatial cube is fixed.

Screen of three lenght Euclidean axes x, y, z then system of three length dimensions everybody comprehends easily and with no problems. But I add next then second reference coordinate system to the first one, three axes system, three dimension system  t(1) ; t(2) ; t(3). But this one is already „destructve madness“ for human brain. ( Unfortunately coming just from historic reasons of human way thinking evolution ). Dusan whereas you are able to use very nicely the word „to nest“..... So use exactly my interpretaion in accordance with your style of interpretation. Envisage that these two screens are nested each other. Actually even I can see just one screen in the universe but  - axes look as length axes during motion of mass point „from zero“ but the same screen provides time axes conception during motion of mass point  „to the zero“.
I attained to hypothesis in my up to now interpretation that the mass is  „constructed“  by the same universe by and in that way that universe wave–packs / conglobes its 3+3 dimensions and produces thereby quarks leptons and next elementary particles, basicly in simple wave-agglomerations with using of  little amount of dimensions. Situation is more complicated when these simple wave-agglomeration come in mutual combination. I named this process as multiplication of dimensions because it is not just simple algebraic sum.  Thus -In this way new dimensions are created inside of elementary mass particles. ( this process leads to the atoms, chemistry and its laws, biology and its law etc.) For example carbon atom has got 60 dimensions. Different situation is within the frame of  so called  „residual space-time“.  Residual space-time, even thought curved, has got still just 3+3 dimensions. There are no more than 3+3 dimensions there. The next perception : Try to become observer as big as whole universe in the moment of Big Bang. In this case you would observe absolutely different situation. You would see that universe is unitary (!) in the moment of Big Bang and  before Big Bang as well. Singular universe was unitary it means that it’s not easy to differentiate among zero = 1 = infinitude. You would observe that this universe in this your position of observation doesn’t expand but by contraries it is compacting , contracting and shringing itself then that space-time is curving – undulating itself and some structures are compacting there into galaxy etc..... thereupon : all what is materialized after Big Bang decreases its magnitude, all mass structures contract themselves. And then : all entities with  their speed that is less than speed of light – are materialized at the same time.Contraction is phenomenon reflecting just this undulating – curving of space-time of course for observer as big as whole universe only.Such observer can see galactic structures coming to be less and less . In this way situation looks like process of inter- galactic distance increase because relative speed of intragalactic and intergalactic space-time curving – undulating is different. Relative speed or rate of deformation of the residual space-time is slower and relative rate of space-time deformation inside galactic structures is faster.
As observers we are located somewhere in the middle of distance between macrocosmos and microcosmos where dominate the laws of quantum mechanics. Therefore we observe contrary – expansion of universe. We are standing still on the „invariable“ meter and meter on the fringe of universe is expanding.. It’s the same – equivalent matter like in the case of observer on the fringe of universe which is standing on  „his (her)“ unitary meter. ( There is still the estate of the unitary ratio i.e. cna treti = cna treti on the fringe of universe because there is still and till now the border between pre-Big Bang and post-Big Bang universe there ). All of other meters in the direction of centre of universe are contracting. ( because they are curved , they are swinging round ). When you’re scanning some interval from rotating bisector then this interval is growing down – contracting in plane of projection. Similarly like in space-time that is deformed – we observe indexing of dimension and interval on it
( deformation – undulating) and therefore this interval appears shorter. Opposite situation is in the case of time: time axis – dimension is rotating in the opposite direction towards length axis and then from the shortest intervals subsequently into longer and longer ones. In fine I will throw in / repeat that original symmetric space-time was changed into asymmetric one after Big Bang and this asymmetric state continues henceforth till the present days in the process of continuous alternation asymmetric and symmetric estates on succession of evolution of our cosmos. This succession of alternation between symmetry and asymmetry leads to the more and more complicated structures of the matter. Motive force of this process is never ending and progressing deformation and curving of time space.More and more complicated new combinations are originating. The proof of this process is existence of life on the planet Earth.
   Take note how excessive diversity  can transform a common circle on the picture below; that circle is really originally absolutely smooth. This circle you will start to warp.And now fancy light cone  in universe and that cone cut in the perpendicular direction toward main axis of the cone. You’ll get still circle woun’t you? And now fancy any light cone in universe which is in the permanent process of the fractal curving / deformation.of its surface. Fancy that  still deformed surface of this cone represents space-time of our universe that is in the permanent progression of deformation as well.Why am I talking about it now?  I think some basic physical law is still not discovered.What law ? According to this unknown law universe chooses on time axis of evolution of universe so-called stop-estates. Similitude with light cone is very apposite. Choice of this stop-state is represented by cutting of light cone anyway. This curved local stop-estate of deformed space-time is already fixed as wave-agglomeration then videlicet it became elementary particle of substance ( generally matter). But even next evolution of multi-combinational estates leads to  the „mega– wave-agglomerations“ for example in the following succession : photons ,quarks, from quarks baryons, electron, from baryons atomic nucleus, atomic nucleus plus electrons – atoms. Combination among atoms leads to molecules of substances and so on..From my view this process  continues forever..Concurrently  inside of wave-agglomeration there happens time to time  next and new stop-estates there and outside of the system asymmetry is holding on. It’s very branching out like tree up to the DNA ...... DNA is record of all of stop-estates coming from the choice of space-time deformation onto wave-agglomeration. ( DNA is basicly imprint of all changes on mass structures from Big Bang.. so that I will bet with scientists that even DNA contents somewhere at the beginning of its succession first photons and electrons and quarks created after Big Bang.
....I visualize evolution of those changes for example in this way: Japanese students from the grammar school are borrowing one of the sports hall in Tokyo and bringing with them about 20 million domino dices. Then on the floor of the hall they will build very complicated and at the same time very symmetric system  from dices. Basically - the aim of their effort is to construct reserved system without beginning and termination. Nobody knows any result coming from all of 20 million possible points for starting of the domino failure.Nobody knows what final figure will origin and which of dice will fall down as last one. Now fancy that such domino theatre  is not constructed just on the one floor then as though in two-dimensional space with gravity but even  on the thousands and thousands next floors in the frame of three-dimensional space. And fancy additional that individual floors are  connected each other by means of bridges fountains and flappers. This model represents flabelliform succession of the mass structures production from Big Bang till present days with big freedom of options at the beginning ( billlionth of  second after Big Bang) and  with subsequently tapered barriers of options along time axis during evolution of universe. ( attention !!! production / options of the next new step are restricted. They are not coming from indefinite amount of options ). All variety of chemical reactions ,motley of biological species up to the DNA  ..... et hoc genus omne was created from two quantities only – from „length and time“ with  curving - wave-agglomeration. Sometime in the future mathematicians will count it in binary system similarly as in the case of computer and principle of its operation. ( There is coloured film on-screen – all on base of  zeroes and unities ).



Physicists say that mass / matter  twists – curves space-time (O.K.?).....If it is true then it’s impossible to destroy a rice of logic proposition inside of mind – that consequently all universe has to be curved / twisted. (O.K.?)....i.e. global space-time has to be curved as well. And then let’s ask a question : what does it mean ‘‘to twist space-time‘‘ ? What? ...... What kind of basic reason may be there on fundamental base ? (( And how does look unflared space-time ?....and where is it? )) Nobody can forbid a conception of the next logic question in the brain: If space-time is just from two quantities constructed  then generally „the sweep / curvature“ of space-time must represent some mutual ratio between them. I’m asking – what ratio ? (O.K.).... I  „declare“ that  the principle of quantities curving (i.e, mutual proportions of different intervals on dimensions length and time transferable into some in the meantime unknown wave or strictly speaking wave-agglomeration mathematics ) is principle of mass/ matter/ substance realization as well. ( at least  for substance just a few of elementary particles are needed ). Can’t you understand that this is not charlatanish thinking ? All right : Is this kind of thinking charlatanish or it follows logically from the present condition of universe ? ( m ; x ; t ) Who is able to validate or refutate this my consideration – vision that ‚‘‘the principle of curving / twisting‘‘ of space-time quantities ( i.e. their non-unitary ratio of their intervals because speed of light in vacuum then c = 1 /1 represents unitary ratio of time and lengths interval) can lead to construction of the basic elementary particles of mass / substance ( p ; n ; e- ), namely from quantities ‚ „length and time“ ? Who and How ?
If it’s impossible to forbid to enounce vision about  „curving / twisting“ of space-time then it’s impossible even to suppress to logical thinking of all next chain of events and then to assume that construction of matter can be realized by „space-time twisting“ on the local and microscopic level. That being supposed only mathematicians can start to modelling mathematically such process of curving and twisting of space-time into shape and forms of basic wave-agglomerations for proton neutron and electron ....etc.( How can you strangle hypothesis of two – quantity universe with silence or swearing ? ). Recording technique for chemistry and molecular biology is already discovered and well-known. O.K ? Chemical equations are language of chemical science. But  all of these more complicated structures like organic molecules etc can be produce by  „curving /twisting of dimensions of length and time quantity“ on the most fundamental level .Strictly speaking- including of this most fundamental opening  level. Unfortunately by using of till now undiscovered language. This undiscovered language represents some special new mathematics that is essential for right and correct description of the wave-agglomeration process. Give me please proof that this is off the idea. I need radical and fundamental scientific proof that my hypothesis is absolutely false and wrong coming off of science forever. Sign your name as well please.




I did not revise actual recording technique for all interaction among mass elementary particles. I didn’t revise it but only rewrote this present technique into binary form, into another language make up my finding whether or not universe – matter just from  „pure space-time constructed“ could operate.( There are then two different recording languages on a paper ). Practically I didn’t do anything other thing.. I can’t help it that my work leads to some innovation proposals and suppositions. It;s not so much strange matter. I don’t assert anything  I‘m only bringing forward these new suppositions. It is necessary those novelties to explore and revice. You ask me for to verify all my hypothesis experimentally. Alone and with no team scientific cooperation? What a stupid opinion ! Do you want to say that if my hypothesis will not be to verify with using of FERMILAB´s and CERN´s colliders first or with using of some other different scientific experimental methods then this hypothesis is absolutely wrong a priori by definition and away from scientific interest forever? Only from that reason that I am an amateur in physics !? Again – what a stupid argument! Similarly the same about ‘‘indexing / rotating of reference coordinating systems. Especially this problem I’m able to explain and prove mathematically and don’t  knock down anywise present theory of relativity - its validity. I just refer to another possible  origin and matter of that relativity.



Physicist Mr. V Ullmann wrote in preface of his work – Origin of Inertia this: ( citation): Basically there exist two opposite standpoints in problems of relation between local and global physical laws i.e standpoint to chain of events between a) laws of ‘‘laboratory physics‘‘  and b) features and structure of universe as the whole complex.First approach subsists in view that we try derive features of universe on the base of local physical law knowledge –  and then with their extrapolation smoothing and synthesis. ( for global phenomenons ). On the contrary the second approach gets out of conception that local physical laws stem in global structure of whole universe or at least that they are impressed with total distribution of mass in universe.   ( the  end of citation ).
Status of universe, status of laws, status of  systems behaviour and their changes a) in global sense and b) in local sense in microcosmos. It’s still live problem, isn’t it? GTR ( General Theory of Relativity and QM ( Quantum Mechanics ) are not still integrated. Origin of inertia and inertial forces are not absolutely and for a certainty  clarified till now.. Nobody studied main and characteristic point of my hypothesis yet. List of main points and remarks in my hypothesis contained is following:

  1. Big Bang is just change of status from previous state to the next one
  2. Pre-Big Bang status was either absolutely plain or infinitely curved. Basicly both of these situation are identical but I attach myself to state that was absolutely plain
  3. Pre-Big Bang status contained 3 + 3 dimensions - three length dimensions and 3 time dimensions
  4. Big Bang was just realization of the most important law about symmetry and asymmetry alternation
  5. Closely before Big Bang status was absolutely symmetric
  6. Time is turned on in the sense of effluxion exactly in the Big Bang moment
  7. Effluxion of time is effect coming from non-unitary ratio of intervals on length and time dimensions then v < c. Right cause of this time effluxion is undulating – curving – twisting of  the same and independent 3 + 3 dimensional space-time
  8. This space-time twisting process is subject to some -  till the present days undiscovered law  or mathematical – geometric regulation about cutting certain stop-estates on time axis during wave-agglomeration process.

Dear readers, this my hypothesis is still not read by anyone.  I didn’t know any person who would say a word or two for or against it. I didn’t find anybody  yet who would be able to bring me any weighty and purposeful counterargument. Nobody expressed one’s opinion for possibility to realize time space wave-agglomerates in that succession of the „space-time twisting“ and I didn’t get any opinion that wave-agglomerates in microcosmos on the Planck-Wheeler’s scales could be mass formations. Nobody expressed one’s opinion that these wave-agglomerates  - the mass particles – relate to foam structure of space-time in microcosmos on the smallest scales and that mass status could originate on the base of „the first stage“ of space-time twisting and that then could arise two „hemispheres“ A) certain stage of slightly  curved space-time about 3 + 3 dimensions including physical fields and B) next stages of more dimensional curvature of space-time formated into wave-agglomerates which are already mass particles with next evolution of new estates in succession of twisting into multi-wave-agglomerates. This way then led to origin of atoms molecules and later to chemical and biological structures ( DNA) and their laws....
This all is succession of growth of twisting and multiplication of dimensions from length and time quantities.. Nobody tried to think that right connection between GTR and QM could be just here, in this moment and with such explanation like this is. Connection between GTR and QM consists in idea of realization of  „mini“ and  „maxi“ characteristics of universe in that universe „undulates – twists“ its space-time and this curving is  „observed“ as projection of  non-unitary ratio of intervals on dimensions. A body – multi-wave-agglomerate – slips, moves through the universe along those „undulated“ length and time dimensions in that way that it is „cutting“ non-unitary intervals on the length and time dimension. This cutting is then „perceived“ as speed v.  But basically these intervals are mutually non-unitary because systems of length and time dimensions are indexed to one another which is consequence of space-time ‚ „undulating – curvature“.




Consider estate before Big Bang to be symmetric for example mark it as c / c = 1/1 or x power of three over t power of three equals the same thing. And suddenly „Bang“ is taking place.- in the sense of change of state not in the sense of explosion. Universe can choose from two choices:
a) That one which exists – then this universe where space-time is curved in that way that non-unitary ratio  u < w* < w** < c  = 1 is in validity ( you already know – from study of my work – what is in numerator ,what is in denominator and what value is going down and what enlarging. ) Universe chose that variant where speed of mass bodies motion will be always less than  speed of light c and never bigger than c . ( Therefore time is running just unilaterally and irreversibly and actually it’s maybe just appearance that time is running unilaterally. )
But though potential future universe can choose even second variant in Big Bang
b) so –called  „contradictory incurvation“ then  c** > c* > c . It means that numerator will always be bigger than denominator. Then it would be „choosen universe“ and this our real universe would stay unselected and then nonexistent. In this case we would observe quantity  “x“ – length exactly as „unilateral – straightaway“ quantity like time – “t“ is in >this< universe. Contra-people would also be surprised why their contra-length is ticking – unwinding in a unidirectional way and why there is no chance for backward running. They also would be surprised that they live in  „space“ which is from three-dimensional time constructed. ( Length in the sense of our universe ) Dusan, try to understand that there happened asymmetry of  „something“ in Big Bang and we called it as time. If universe had choosen second variant so asymmetry would happen as well, but of the place ‚ „contra-mass / contra-people“ would call it somehow.. It would have same sense like time has for us in this type of universe.
Thus: even though any asymmetry would be chosen by universe in Big Bang as a first procedural step into succession ( of the future estates of space-time incurvation )  then it will be choice of quantity that will behave as unidirectional all the time – called as time in this universe and for example as x – „lenght – running/ticking“ in the second one. It would be contra-similar if contra-people would perceive it in forma unidirectional way. Dusan, of course, many readers will treat as rigmarole this  my interpretation because appropriate terms are missing.
But think it over by yourself .... efflux of time and its  „setting up for unidirectional effluxion“- it‘s  only  selected „step – bit“ -    in succession of symmetry and asymmetry alternation. The next embranchment of elements into succession is already exponentially evolving. Or asymmetric state „t3“ and „x1“ ( here is contradictory situation in this universe then  “x“ power of three and  “t“ power of one ).....though for a longer time discussion and proper specification of interpretation is needed. Finally it’s necessary to say this: It does not matter which  of those two variants was chosen by universe. Inhabitants of both of these universes will always consider that unidirectional quantity as for example time even though it would be length originally. The long and the short of it – each of selected variant is enantiomorph.. Only quantities are  „renamed“ so that even if universe will choose anything, quantity that is apprehended as time will be always unidirectional – irreversible.


Translated by Mr. Mgr. Martin Skoda on 6th February 2008.